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Smiling while writing headlines? Read this page to see what brought a smile to my face!

"Headline Writing Fast and Easy!"

Who Else Wants To Quickly Create Winning Headlines With Push Button Ease?

"If you had just one opportunity to seize everything you've ever wanted... by promoting just one headline... would you know what to write?"

Guess what? You better because one shot with your headline may be all you get!

Do You Struggle With Writing Powerful Headlines and Sub Headlines?  Do You Wish There Was An Easier Way?

Stop The Pain And Start The Profit!

Today, money is "created" by the words you say, how effectively you say them and how quickly you get them in front of your readers.   Your Headlines MUST stop your readers dead in their tracks and get them to read further into your ad, article or sales page.

If your headline doesn't grab your reader's attention, then all the rest of the time and effort you have spent writing your ad, article or sales page have gone to waste! They have NO value if your headline hasn't done its' job.

"Your Headline can result in 80% or more of the effectiveness of your ad or sales page!"

Corey Rudl, Best-Selling Author
"The Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet"

Most professional copywriters spend as much or more time creating their headlines, than they do on all the rest of their copy! For example, Master Copywriter Yanik Silver sits down and writes 100 headlines before chosing what he believes will be the best one for his chosen purpose.   And then for ads or sales pages, once in production, he tests his first choice headline against other potentially strong headlines from his list.


Because, only the market knows for sure which headline will pull the best!

"I'm of the opinion that the headline counts for almost 100% of the effectiveness of an ad or sales page! Why? Because if the headline doesn't get the reader to stop and read down into your ad or sales page, then there is no sale. "

Jeff Paul, Best-Selling Author
"How To Make $4,000 A Day Sitting At Home In Your Underware!"

Consider the following hard truths...

Hard Truth #1: If your sales letter doesn't hit all the right, hot buttons your reader is off to the next great thing.

There's a lot of pressure in knowing that the very first 10-20 words on your sales letter are the most important for you... and possibly your family. It's like having to earn a Perfect 10.0 in the Olympics to win Gold yet you've never done better than 3.7 all season long. Will you Win the Gold and stand atop the podium of success or stare at your competition, stuck on the bench with nothing to show for your efforts?

"On the average, 5 times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90% of your money."
-- David Ogilvy (World famous advertising executive and best-selling author.)

Hard Truth #2: Your sales copy's ultimate success or ultimate failure hinges on how persuasive your headline is.

You scramble desperately for the answers but they just won't appear. You spend every exhausting night and day dusting off every book you have in your possession just to try to find one small glimmer of hope. The most exciting headline you come across is just slightly more exciting than watching grass grow.

You dig deep in every corner of your computer's hard drive and to the ends of the internet in search of that one, right, winning answer. You only become more sick and tired of the endless regurgitated info that is scattered across the internet like a faulty landmine waiting to blow up in your face.

"Some of the most tremendous flops among advertisements contain body matter filled with convincing copy. But it just wasn’t capsuled into a good headline. And so the excellent copy didn’t even get a reading."
-- Victor Schwab (Famous copywriter)

Hard Truth #3: If you aren't a skilled master copywriter you won't find the answers in your head, which means you must find help from someone or something -- FAST!

Your next "Great Idea" is to hop online and find a copywriter Quick. You check out the latest prices. BOOM! -- Like a punch right between the eyes they charge more per hour -- OUCH! -- than you make in a week. I don't know about you, but I don't want to mortgage my house in hopes of getting winning headlines.

"…I spend hours on headlines -- days if necessary. And when I get a good headline, I know that my task is nearly finished. Writing the copy can usually be done in a short time, if necessary. And that advertisement will be a good one – that is if the headline is really a "stopper".
-- John Caples (Master copywriter and advertising guru)

Hard Truth #4: Hiring a copywriting Pro ain't cheap.

  • How can you create a powerful, proven and profit-pulling headline without having to sell your living room furniture off piece by piece until your house guests are all sitting on the floor or dipping into your children's college fund -- the one you swore you'd never touch?

  • How do you convert casual readers of your sales letter without pulling your hair out with the time-sucking chore of producing a winning headline?

  • How do you spend your time, emotional and financial bank account wisely to craft the perfect sales letter that will get customers literally dropping money at your feet without needing an 8th day in the week to accomplish it?

    Well you're in luck!

    Finally, software has been developed to help the struggling marketer. It's called Headline Creator Pro and this powerful new software can automatically create up to 100 profit-pulling headlines in 17 seconds flat...and it's push-button easy!

    This software is a remarkable time saver and idea generator, greatly speeding up your ability to create winning headlines and sub headlines for all your copy needs.

    Believe it or not, you are losing sales every minute you don't have this product.

    "Based on hundreds of tests conducted, a good headline can be as much as 17 times more effective than a so-so headline. And this is with exactly the same body copy!"
    -- Ted Nicholas (Master direct marketer)

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    Do you create 100 headlines each time you write an ad, article, or sales page?   Do you have a large swipe file of winning, proven headlines you can use as examples when you craft your masterpiece?   Would you like to?

    Well now you can!

    If you agree that creating headlines should be easier and less painful, then... Get Your Copy of Headline Creator Pro Right Now and be Guaranteed you will create Proven, Time-Tested, Profit-Pulling Headlines Every Time!

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    "I love Headline Creator Pro! This makes coming up with headlines a snap--and fun, to boot. Since headlines are THE most important part of any ad or letter, this cool new tool is priceless. I can't wait to use it again!
    It's more fun than video games and way more profitable!"

    Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"

    Get your hands On This Headline Machine That Churns Out Proven, Time-Tested, Winners Like Having Your Own Team Of Professional Copywriters Slaving Away Working For Free! Get Your Copy of Headline Creator Pro Now!
Do It Yourself
Headline Creator Pro
Average time to create 100 Proven, Time-Tested headlines
13 - 25

3 - 7

Average cost to create 100 Proven, Time- Tested headlines
13 -25 Days of Lost Sales

WOW! Headline Creator Pro is really incredible. I've spent hours trying to come up with just a few headlines in the past. But no more! With Headline Creator Pro all I have to do is enter a few words and click the button to get a wealth of great headlines. I can even copy and paste them directly into my sales letters. This is a must have software program for anyone who sells products or services on the Internet.

Bob Chambers, Publisher -- Digital Information Publishing

Without a Powerful, Proven and Winning Headline, your sales letter is just another one hit wonder with profits that barely pay your monthly hosting bill.

The key to internet marketing success is as easy as finding water in the middle of the ocean.

Follow the time-tested, step-by-step formula - and then automate as many steps as possible to save your valuable time.

Without a doubt, one of the most important steps is creating your headline. Your headlines are so important, they might decide whether you can pay your bills next month.

Those who walk the walk and talk the talk, use tools to automate their:

  • Autoresponders
  • List Management
  • Affiliate Program
  • Sales Processing
  • Add Headline Creation to the list!

    Now a Unique, Innovative software product has been created to help you Automate yet another step in the process - headline creation - imagine jumping with leaps and bounds over the most daunting process of creating your sales letter without even breaking a sweat!
    Headline Creator Pro will automatically spit out Time-Tested, Proven, Result- Oriented headlines based on the greatest headlines in history... and do it in 17 Seconds Flat with Push-Button Ease. Pick which of the long list of winners you want. In fact, you'll have so many winning choices you may be tempted to throw away the body copy and use nothing, but headlines.

    If you're ready to instantly download the ONLY software on the market, today, that can automatically create 100 winning headlines based on any business, product or service, make absolutely sure you Get Your Copy Now -- before your competition does!
    Have you noticed a bump in sales by your competitor? (Maybe they already have a copy....)

Your tool is absolutely amazing! Within minutes of using it,
we were presented with dozens of powerful, profitable
headlines that had our heads spinning with possibilities!

But possibilities are worthless without testing so we took
one of the headlines created by HCP, put it on an existing
salesletter and then began split testing against our
successful control headline. Your headline creator pro is
kicking that headlines butt! What an incredible piece of

Thanks a million Scott.

Marc & Terry Goldman

4 Direct Reasons Why You'll Be Kicking Yourself if You Don't Get Headline Creator Pro Today, And Gain Instant Leverage
  • It's So Easy Even Scott M. Britner's 7-Year-Old Son, Tyler, Can Create Profit-Pulling Headlines:
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  • It's So Quick I Was Able To Create 100 Persuasive, Powerful, Proven Headlines In ONLY 9 Seconds... And I Have A Computer That Is Slower Than Watching Paint Dry:
How quick can you push a button? Creating Headlines Quickly and Easily and Headline Writing with Headline Creator Pro
  • Pocket At Least An Extra $1,400 In Copywriter's Fees - The Hardest Part Will Be Deciding What Are You Going To Do With All That Extra Money?

Do you have $1,400 just sitting around waiting to hire a professional copywriter? I hope you're not willing to throw away your money to come up with a headline when you can get Headline Creator Pro that does it for you - quickly and easily right on your desktop -- Right Now. Headline Creator Pro is like your own personal team of copywriters working diligently to meet your headline-deadline needs for Free!

  • It's The First And ONLY Automated Headline Generator Ever - Will You Take The Lead And Gain An Almost Unfair Advantage Or Get Lost In The Crowd Of Nobodies Crossing Their Fingers And Praying For A Miracle?

    Your competition is buying this product! That's the hard truth. Can you feel your most annoying competitor biting at your heels? How much personal satisfaction do you think your competitor will gain by knowing they can take you out at the knees with the push of one button

The Headline Creator Pro was so easy to use that within a few
minutes of downloading the program I had run several different headlines for sections of my web site. Some of these headlines I had included just to get the page up, with the intention of going back through and redoing them. Your program saved me hours of work and produced an improved attention getting impact. This program was ready to use immediately from the download, with no tweaking or set-up time.

Daniel R. Hardt -- President, Life Path Numerology Center

"This All Sounds Great - But What Do I Get?"

Headline Creator Pro Software
(Value: $97 reduced for a limited time to $47)
Headline Creator Pro award

This is the 1st and Only software product on the market, today, that automatically creates Proven, Power and Time-Tested Headlines based on the Greatest Profit-Pulling Headlines in history. No other product matches its abilities or its speed - producing your Winning Headlines in under 17 Seconds with Push-Button Ease.

My Commitment To Your Customer Satisfaction
(Value: What's customer service worth to you?)

To my wife, Melissa and I "Character Counts". We stand as firm today on the values of Integrity, Honor and Character as we did when we served our country in the Armed Forces. We say what we mean and we stand by it.

Bonus #1: 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written
(Value: Priceless)

Time has shown these 100 headlines to generate more positive (and profitable) responses than any others ever created. (By the way, it's this list that was used as the basis for Headline Creator Pro.)

Bonus #2: 277 Hypnotic Words/Phrases
(Value: $47)

You will get a list of the 277 most Powerful and Proven words and phrases that you must have for your headlines and sales letters. If you don't know about these trance-inducing words and phrases then you are leaving piles of extra easy money on the table.

Bonus #3: 91 Emotional Triggers
(Value: $67)

People don't buy because of logic -- they buy, based on emotion. How would you like to control how quick people whip out their wallet and give you their money simply by begin in possession of 91 of the most sought after, knee-jerk reaction triggers that shake and stirs the emotions of your readers down to their very bones -- making them act swiftly and without regret?

Bonus #4: Frame-of-Mind Marketing
(Value: $29)

How to Convert Your Online Prospects into Customers this groundbreaking book authored by Maria Veloso, Internet strategist, online marketing consultant/coach, web copywriting specialist, and one of the most sought-after specialists of web traffic conversion in the industry. The innovative frame-of-mind marketing™ concept is part marketing psychology, part empirical wisdom, part common sense, and part "marketing alchemy" -- the science of turning ideas into gold. It will enable you to convert 15%, 25% -- even 50% -- of your online prospects into customers by showing you the simple, often overlooked method of communicating on the Web.

Stop Spending Hours Brainstorming!

Stop Wasting Time Researching!

Don't Miss Your One Shot To Get Everything You've Ever Wanted...

Headline Creator Pro Software

Headline Creator Pro guarantee
Over The Top Guarantee
Increase Your Response Rate by 35% or More Or Your Money Back!
Purchase Now and Download Headline Creator Pro Immediately!

" -- what an invaluable tool for creating the most important element of any salesletter! Not only that, I loved the dozens of hypnotic phrases and emotional triggers that were immediately accessible right in the program! I used these non-stop on my last project. I can't wait to see what you come out with next!"

BenJamin Prater -- Software Secrets - Exposed!


Download Your Copy Now From Our Secure Servers!

  • Headline Creator Pro serves a huge niche market - every marketer (online and offline) must create headlines.
  • This is the ONLY product that automates the headline creation process - there is no competition!

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Wishing You Success,
George S. Dodge
George S. Dodge

P.S. Remember, Without a Powerful, Proven and Winning Headline, your sales letter, article, or ad will not convert your visitors into buyers, because, no matter how good the rest of the article, sales letter or ad, it will not get read! If you still have questions, email me - I'd love to hear from you!

"I have just submitted an ad using one of the headlines that the program generated and I have had 3 hits in half an hour! Unprecedented!"

Charlie Cory -- http://www.profit-weaver.com

P.P.S By the way, I plan on raising the price of Headline Creator Pro to $57 on 1 March, 2005, so if you wish to get it at today's price, act quickly! In fact, get your copy today before you forget and end up having to pay more.

"I think your product is excellent for breaking through the initial barriers of coming up with Headlines. Everyone knows it's much easier to edit then create from scratch - and your product brings you straight and easy to the editing and polishing part of the process."

Frank Welzig


To Get FREE Weekly Headline Tips Delivered Directly To Your Inbox, Simply Enter Your First Name and Primary Email Address in the form below.
First Name
Primary Email Address
* We Respect Your Privacy

* We respect your email privacy and promise to never share or rent your email address to any unauthorized third party.  By submitting your email address you are requesting and agreeing to be subscribed to our weekly "Headline Tips" email newsletter to which you may unsubscribe at any time.


"I think your product is an awesome use for Flash"

Derek Franklin -- Co-author Macromedia Flash MX Actionscripting: Advanced Training from the Source (Macromedia Press)

" "...Who would of thought that it would be the year 2003 before a creative mind came along to provide all us time-starved online marketers/copywriters an automated, almost flawless, one-stop-shop piece of software for creating benefit-dripping headlines in a flash ? Well, as our Grandma's already told us, 'the best things in life are worth waiting for.' As long as I'm online writing, creating, and marketing, I will have this incredibly functional headline creator minimized in my toolbar for instant access. It's that powerful and I just want to say: Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You for being the person to come along and make this much needed software a reality."

Barry Goss -- www.referralwealth.net

Better Software. Better Results.

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